What are the Health Benefits of Jumping Rope? – How & Why To Jump Rope?

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A jump rope or skipping rope is perhaps the cheapest and most convenient exercise equipment that you can use almost anywhere to burn calories in less than half an hour. Not only is jumping rope a healthy activity, it has quite a few other benefits that are revealed in this article, along with its basic requirements and how to partake in this activity.

A jump rope is perhaps the only piece of exercise equipment that you can fit into a briefcase, will cost you no more than $20/ £10, your whole family can use, and will tone your muscles while giving you a cardio workout. You can easily burn off calories by jumping rope for merely 15 to 20 minutes. Using a jump rope is an excellent calorie-burner.

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Using a jump rope burns plenty of calories in a brief amount of time and strengths the lower and upper body, so it is definitely good for the heart. Fit adults can spice up their exercise routine with rope-jumping. It puts direct stress on ankles, hips, and knees, though it is not an activity as impactful as jogging.

Basic Requirements

If you are a novice, it is recommended that you use a beaded rope because you can easily control it and it will hold its shape, unlike a lightweight cloth or vinyl jump rope.

  • Hold the handles and stop on the jumping rope to adjust it.
  • The handles of the jump rope should your armpits, so shorten it.
  • Wear athletic shoes that are properly fitted, perhaps cross-training shoes.

When jumping rope, above your head there should be a space of 10 inches and you should an area of at least 4 x 6 foot to use the jump rope. Rope-jumping on asphalt, carpet, concrete, or grass is not recommended. Although impact is reduced by carpet, your ankle or knee could get twisted since it can grab your shoes. For rope-jumping exercise, it is better to use an impact mat, a piece of plywood, or a wood floor.

Why Jump Rope?

Rope-jumping is the ultimate high intensity and cardio workout for both boys and girls. If you are still not convinced that you should jump rope, then these jump rope benefits might.

  1. As mentioned, it takes the same amount of effort to jump for ten minutes as it does to run a mile in 8 minutes.
  2. You can burn 1,300 calories if you jump rope for an hour.
  3. If you jump rope for 10 minutes, you can avail the same health benefits as running for 45 minutes.
  4. Rope-jumping is a full body workout in which your abdominals are used to stabilize the body, arms and shoulders are used to turn the rope, and legs are used to jump.
  5. When you jump rope, it does not jolt on your joints as much as running does.

How To Jump Rope?

It can be quite humbling to jump rope if you have not used one since third grade. It builds coordination since it demands it. You should start by practising arm and foot movements separately.

  • Develop a rhythm while holding both rope handles in each hand and swinging it.
  • Next, practice jumping without using the rope.
  • Finally, combine the two together and you will gradually get the hang of jumping continuously.

You can also alternate with lower intensity exercise like marching, and you will be able to continue jumping for much longer periods. Jumping continuously for 10 minutes is not recommended, if you’re a beginner. Instead, it should be incorporated into a varied exercise routine. For instance, rope-jumping intervals can be used, such as 50 to 200 repetitions, combined with an aerobic and strength training program.

For the highest intensity, you should jump every time the rope passes. If add an extra little jump by slowing the rope down, it will reduce the intensity. You should also be careful about your target heart-rate zone, the zone where the intensity of the exercise is actually beneficial rather than a hazard to your health.

Subtract your age from 220 to determine your maximal heart rate. 85% of that number will be your target zone’s higher end and 70% of that number will be your target zone’s lower end. So, if you are 30 years old, then your maximal heart rate will be 190, and your target zone will be between 133 and 161 beats per minute.

Other Jump Rope Benefits

Apart from being an excellent exercise in its own right, the skills involved in jumping rope tend to extend to most athletic endeavours. One of the key things that you may not realize is until you begin rope-jumping is that it builds body awareness. When you jump rope, you have to be aware of what you are doing with your body and it is an excellent skill to connect the neurons in the brain.


Hopefully you are now convinced to dust off your old skipping rope, or go buy one, and start jumping rope as a part of a varied exercise routine.

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