The Apex Approach

Entering self-discovery without a plan is like heading down a dark road without headlights.

You might find your destination eventually, but it will take a lot longer and your time is the most precious commodity you have.  This is why I have spent years refining my apex approach to the point where it can deliver consistent results every single time. 

We will work through each stage of the pyramid to navigate your road to self-discovery in a stable and sustainable manner. 

“Look after your future self, because you are going to be that person one day!”
– Marc Dressen


Health Foundation

There is no destination without a well-oiled vehicle that can take you there. That is why the Health Foundation is the supporting structure to the pyramid; the combination of all the factors will give you the energy you require to reach those ambitious goals that you deserve to achieve.

Studies conducted by Oxford University show that a sustained lack of sleep can equate to a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05% – that is the equivalent of three beers at the bar. 

Biohacking helps to conquer this problem, and much more – it is an approach focused on maximising the potential of what you already have. I utilise the natural techniques backed by the strongest science out there. 

We will use evidence-based techniques to make small adjustments to your mind, diet, sleep, and exercise – all supported by the latest wearable technology to track your progress throughout.


Personal Power

The car’s all tuned up, a tank full of fuel.

Now we need the navigation to help you reach your desired destination – this is what I call finding your personal power. 

First, we must discover what is getting in the way of your potential; the core of your frustrations, the habits that are derailing you from your goals, and the mental obstacles that prevent you from taking that next step.

Then we figure out where your potential lies – I like to divide these into personal and business. Your personal potential will tell you where your inherent gifts and talents lie. This is what has been with you from the start, but sometimes daily life can obscure this potential. 

Discovering these can lead to your business potential – how can these strengths help you to prosper even further into your financial and business goals?

To complete, we use your strengths, talents, passions and gifts to find a solution to achieving this potential. This will give us a strategy that will equip you with the tools to conquer any mountain and transform your day-to-day life.


Inherent Drivers

Now, all the tools are in place. We have the vehicle, the navigation, but now we must establish where YOU want to go. 

This is the end goal that many discover after building the initial foundations – but for some, this may already be clear. 

When you spend those weekends working, what is it all for? 

When it is all said and done, how do you want the world to remember you?

These are the drivers that will sustain your quest for self-discovery in life. This is what will separate you from those that aimlessly wander around social media, looking for the latest life hack or gym routine to motivate themselves.