I just wanted to say many thanks for your personal training work with me, motivation and encouragement to reach my targets. This is the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever felt and I can clearly see how much of a difference it makes!

Long overdue thank you to Marc. Thanks for all the support, training, motivation and guidance. Friday mornings without the 60 min ‘torture’ just won’t be the same. See you at #ToughMudder2016‬, if not sooner!

Spending the past 5 months on the 12weekATHLETE has been an incredible process of mental and physical development, very glad to have had your guidance. I would say, to someone who wants to, or is just thinking about buying the program, don’t think twice. You will lose the weight. You will gain the muscle all-natural. And you will see the difference. So don’t think twice. Don’t be stupid. Go for it. Thank you Marc the person, the trainer for helping me achieving where I am now “gut gemacht” ?

I have always had a phobia about Gyms and thought that they were not the place for me. When I finally decided that I should start (all be it late in my life) to do some exercise I took on Marc as my personal trainer. He has made me feel comfortable in the Gym and I feel he has helped to change the shape of my body where diet alone would not. The help and advice I get from Marc is excellent and I feel I have gained not only a healthier body but a friend as well. I look forward to my weekly sessions and feel that Marc carefully designs the routine to suit the person’s abilities and requirements.

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Marc is a very experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer. Training with him is rewarding and you get results. He strikes the balance of pushing you hard whilst keeping it varied and entertaining. He’s never short of new and different exercises to keep it fun. Whatever you want to achieve he can help you get there.

Marc is also very professional, always reliable and punctual and his digital booking and reminder system is a great tool so ensure you never forget a session!

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Marc is your guy if you want a trainer who is motivating, on trend, and backed by a lot of education and practical experience. I tested my DNA with Marc and it answered a lot of questions and confirmed how I should be training for my body type to reach the maximum benefits. I’m glad I did it! As a bonus he is actually a great guy and listens to you, whereas some trainers just go through the motions. Thanks Marc!

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I met Marc Dressen  at the gym one morning when he came up to me as I was finishing my workout and starting to stretch. We started to chat and I was immediately impressed with what I would call his ‘holistic’ approach to fitness. I asked him if we could do a ‘trial’ session together and he immediately agreed. While I have been going to the gym & training for a number of years (including with PTs) but never really felt that I was getting the results I wanted. After our very first trial session, I immediately realized that Marc had a different approach to training – one that incorporated different techniques and moves as well as focus on what I wanted to achieve. Marc designed each session with increasing difficulty with a lot of focus on freestyle, body weight exercises and core always keeping my heart rate up. We have recently added weight training as well. In addition, Marc has helped me with my overall goals of getting fitter, leaner and more flexible with the appropriate focus on nutrition as well.

I thoroughly enjoy working out with Marc and like that he incorporates your personal goals into the program to ensure that it is tailored to ‘YOU’. Thank you Marc and look forward to continued success to reach my goals.

I have been exercising by myself since 2 years and I had a few goals but I wasn’t able to achieve them. I was going to gym and I thought that I was performing on my full potential. Then I found about Marc Dressen so we started to train together. After the first session I saw that with Marc I was performing better than as usual as he was consistently motivating me to do better. Its been only 3 months since I started to train with Marc and now I can see that I already achieved some of my goals.


I have been exercising myself by using free weights over 30 years now, and have never used a PT before meeting Marc. I have now been working out with Marc Dressen the last 4 months, without touching any weights. He not only made me enjoy freestyle but also I feel much fitter. Thanks to Marc.


It’s not everyday that you meet a person who both inspires you to be your best physical self but your best emotional self as well. Marc Dressen is this person. Grounded with such integrity, years of knowledge and heart, his training sessions become more than just tactics and tools – they become actual teachings! And those teachings are filed with joy and they are also filled with results! This is the magic of Marc. Hands down Marc is the trainer in this age of body and mind integration and transformation. Thank you Marc!


I have known Marc Dressen since December 2013 and he has consistently managed to exceed my expectations from the personal training experience I have signed up to. Whilst leading the way to gradual achievement in terms of physical fitness in a motivating and enjoyable way, he has also been providing reliable, respectful and effective coaching support, consolidating the overall commitment to well-being beyond the body engagement. I would have never thought that going to the gym was going to be so enticing.


I have been going to the gym & training for a number of years & don’t really struggle with motivation either but in January I decided I wanted to push myself further & try something new so decided to get a personal trainer who was also able to teach me a new skill & work with me rather than just stand by the side of a machine & watch. Given Marc’s background & experience he is teaching me martial arts / kickboxing. It’s a great workout, good fun & I love it – if I could afford more sessions each week I would have them!!

Marc is also intelligent & personable so understands people are all different & therefore treats you as an individual rather than trying to get you to fit his “mold” – this from my experience is pretty rare in the fitness world! Thanks Marc!!