When it all seems to get too much…

When that third cup of coffee at midday still isn’t keeping you awake, that’s your body’s engine light flashing bright red. You think that you can power through your day when you can barely remember the next task on the agenda.

All of those sleepless nights begin to add up, and even putting on a tie in the morning seems pointless. You start to doubt why you even bother working so hard. What is it all really for?

This is your mind and body telling you that something isn’t right – and no supplement or drink can correct this. 

Finding light at the end of the tunnel

My Apex Approach aims to tackle these problems one by one – starting by building your health foundation into the most stable structure possible. We do this using the newest biohacking methods to optimize your physical and mental condition to the point where achieving a flow state is like turning on a tap.

We will build up from the bottom to uncover your potential; where your passions and strengths truly lie so that we can establish your answer to the most important question.

What is this all for?

We will work side-by-side until we can figure out the most sustainable approach to ensuring that you get through your days without a triple espresso insight. 

High-Performance Programme Structure for Individuals

An in-depth 9-month coaching programme to optimise your overall health and performance.

We initially start with your holistic assessment – the length of this can vary depending on your individual needs. 

This is followed by the Goal Setting element – this will involve the Personal Power coaching, enabling us to understand your potentials and where we can begin to make improvements.

Legacy Coaching is the final element of the programme, where we establish the long term impact that you wish to have on the world. 

The entire programme is supplemented with close monitoring at every point – and every part of the programme is intertwined with one another.

During the monitoring process, we will tie together parts of the Health Foundation with the Personal Power coaching to establish a close relationship between mind and body.

At this point, we will review our progress and compare this with the initial legacy that we established. 

Groundbreaking high-performance
coaching programme for individuals

Holistic Assessment

We will establish a baseline picture of where you stand, physically and mentally. This will be done using state-of-the-art biomarkers, physical testing, and psychological analysis to determine which factors we need to focus on most. 

Personal Power

Ultimately, your talents have got you to this position today.  This part of the programme hones on uncovering those strengths and passions to figure out how they can be best utilised within your system. I want you to understand exactly how to implement these strengths within your team, and wider organisation.

Legacy Coaching

Figuring out your end goal will put everything else into perspective. We will figure out where your purpose lies, and what the world ultimately needs from you. Your legacy will determine the direction of where you will grow. 

Health Consultation

The core of everything we achieve in our time together will centre on your health. I conduct an in-depth analysis of the four pillars to your Health Foundation – sleep, diet, mind and exercise.

Digital Monitoring

I will use state-of-the-art wearable technology to closely monitor your progress throughout, alongside biomarkers and other indicators to adapt your plan wherever necessary.


Holistic Assessments

Using a complex range of biomarkers, including blood and gut testing, we can figure out whether your vitals and nutrients are at an optimal standard. In combination with biomechanical movement analysis and strength testing, we will establish a solid baseline of your physical stats. 

Following this, we will focus on your personal markers; this will involve an analysis of your personal and business schedules, and identifying the major stressors and weak links that are obstructing you at the moment.


Personal Power & Legacy Coaching

By utilising a systemic coaching strategy, we will uncover both your personal and business potential. This will involve discussing where your strengths, talents, gifts and passions lie – we will maximise all that you already have within you to push your personal best to its upper limits.

Establishing your purpose is integral to fulfilling your potential. Using techniques derived from systemic coaching, we will uncover what your lasting impact will be on the world. From years of experience, I have seen clients revolutionise their entire approach to life once we establish how they can make a lasting difference, beyond their productivity day to day.


24/7 Health Tracking

In combination with the key biomarkers that we establish in the holistic assessment, the health consultation allows us to build on the engine that will power you throughout.

The four key pillars are exercise, diet, sleep and mind. This is what I refer to as the Health Foundation – and my background in biohacking will allow us to make the adjustments necessary to create substantial changes. This will all be supported with continual digital monitoring throughout to ensure that you are kept on track.

I just wanted to say many thanks for your personal training work with me, motivation and encouragement to reach my targets. This is the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever felt and I can clearly see how much of a difference it makes!

Rebecca G.

Spending the past 5 months on the High-Performance Coaching Programme has been an incredible process of mental and physical development, very glad to have had your guidance. I would say, to someone who wants to, or is just thinking about buying the program, don’t think twice. You will lose weight. You will gain the muscle all-natural. And you will see the difference. So don’t think twice. Don’t be stupid. Go for it. Thank you Marc!

Saeed A.
kirsty j personal training london testimonial

Marc is a very experienced and knowledgeable high-performance coach. Training with him is rewarding and you get results. He strikes the balance of pushing you hard whilst keeping it varied and entertaining. He’s never short of new and different exercises to keep it fun. Whatever you want to achieve he can help you get there. Marc is also very professional, always reliable and punctual and his digital booking and reminder system is a great tool to ensure you never forget a session!

Kirsty J.
testimonial sheena collins personal training in london

Marc is your guy if you want a performance coach who is motivating, on-trend, and backed by a lot of education and practical experience. I tested my DNA with Marc and it answered a lot of questions and confirmed how I should be training for my body type to reach the maximum benefits. I’m glad I did it! As a bonus, he is actually a great guy and listens to you, whereas some trainers just go through the motions. Thanks, Marc!

Sheena C.

It’s not everyday that you meet a person who both inspires you to be your best physical self but your best emotional self as well. Marc Dressen is this person. Grounded with such integrity, years of knowledge and heart, his training sessions become more than just tactics and tools – they become actual teachings! And those teachings are filed with joy and they are also filled with results! This is the magic of Marc. Hands down Marc is the trainer in this age of body and mind integration and transformation. Thank you Marc!

Claude S.

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