Putting yourself first is the hardest thing to do…

Managing expectations as an athlete are one of the most challenging things to do.

The margin for error is not what it once was; a lapse in concentration for just one second could be the deciding factor between first and second.

A rush of blood to the head could derail your entire career within a matter of minutes.

All of these pressures piling up – and then you have sponsors and fans demanding more and more when your tank is running on empty. 

There has never been this much money in competitive sport, and the stakes only get higher as you progress.

Make yourself the priority!

Unlike many coaching programmes, I recognise burnout extends way beyond the body. It taps into the psyche, the mind and the emotional wellbeing.

This is why I employ a holistic approach, assembling a team of experts in their respective fields – ranging from physiotherapists and nutritional therapists to hypnotherapists and sports scientists – all with the aim of building a systematic plan to get you back on top.

You will feel rested and rejuvenated – the prime mindset to be in to get you to the ultimate flow state to tackle your next competition. 

High-Performance Coaching Program for Athletes

A 6-12+ month comprehensive athletes coaching programme to unearth your true potential.

We start with our initial assessments, where we establish a baseline for your existing physical markers. This is combined with the Athlete Profiling stage, where we establish your potential and drivers. 

These initial stages will help to guide the whole process, to begin with, and the length of the process can vary depending on the individual.

We move on to the Foundation, which I usually split into two parts; Phase 1 and Phase 2. 

Phase 1 is the Learning process – this is where we establish the health foundation and teach any techniques that you may not have been aware of in the past. 

If you have covered a lot of the techniques previously, we may move straight to Phase 2, which is optimising your Health Foundation to best support your inherent drivers.

Throughout both of these phases, there is a constant evaluation process occurring, whereby I will be tweaking certain aspects of your programme as we go on. 

We, then assess how well we have met your potential with a review, which can help us plan your future in making this a sustainable benefit for you in the long term.

Holistic high-performance
coaching programme for athletes

Holistic Assessment

Using a complex range of biomarkers, including blood and gut testing, we can figure out whether your vitals and nutrients are at an optimal standard. In combination with biomechanical movement analysis and strength testing, we will establish a solid baseline of your physical stats. 

Following this, we will focus on your personal markers; this will involve an analysis of your personal and business schedules, and identifying the major stressors and weak links that are obstructing you at the moment.

Athletes Profiling

Figuring out what drives you will be the key to unlocking what will keep you going in those very last seconds of competition.

This is why I use a novel systemic coaching method to uncover where your strengths, talents, gifts and passions lie. This type of coaching enables us to understand how your potential fits within the various systems you’re in; your teams, your family, and your friendship circle.

Health Consultation

Your body is your career, so I make the Health Foundation the cornerstone of what we build from in our time together. The four key pillars are exercise, diet, sleep and mind. This is what I refer to as the Health Foundation – and my background in biohacking will allow us to make the adjustments necessary to create substantial changes. This will all be supported with continual digital monitoring throughout to ensure that you are kept on track.

Performance Coaching

As an athlete, I understand the importance in maintaining peak form throughout your preparation for a competition. This is why having a performance coach on the road with you will support a lot of the coaching we do prior – ensuring that the health conditioning is kept up to high standards. These coaches will be highly experienced with MSc degrees in Sports Science, so they will be supported by all the latest knowledge to guide you.

Digital Monitoring

Using the latest wearable technology such as the Oura ring, I will track all the relevant data and markers to ensure that you remain on track with the strategies we employ. Our state of the art technological approaches means that your progress can be monitored 24/7, paying close attention to a variety of markers such as your sleep, your mood and your productivity.

In-Depth Recovery Services



The life of an athlete is extremely busy, however, I recognise the utmost importance of good rest. This is why I utilise the newest digital sleep monitoring systems to assess the quality of your sleep, alongside a jetlag planner to ensure that you are fully recuperated.



With the mounting pressures of being in competition, mindfulness is key. I employ strategies to promote mindfulness and will provide ways that you can remain calm throughout, and never lose focus in the most crucial moments.



We cannot keep the mind and body in shape without the right fuel. I use carefully crafted nutrition plans to tailor to your exact requirements, which will be established in the initial assessment. I recognise you have a busy schedule, so I arrange the best food to be delivered to you within your schedule.



You will be carefully monitored throughout the entire coaching process, utilising the most modern technologies to ensure you are on track. We carry out regular screening and testing to ensure everything is safe and use leading experts in your specific sport to make the coaching even more relevant to you.

I just wanted to say many thanks for your personal training work with me, motivation and encouragement to reach my targets. This is the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever felt and I can clearly see how much of a difference it makes!

Rebecca G.

Spending the past 5 months on the High-Performance Coaching Programme has been an incredible process of mental and physical development, very glad to have had your guidance. I would say, to someone who wants to, or is just thinking about buying the program, don’t think twice. You will lose weight. You will gain the muscle all-natural. And you will see the difference. So don’t think twice. Don’t be stupid. Go for it. Thank you Marc!

Saeed A.
kirsty j personal training london testimonial

Marc is a very experienced and knowledgeable high-performance coach. Training with him is rewarding and you get results. He strikes the balance of pushing you hard whilst keeping it varied and entertaining. He’s never short of new and different exercises to keep it fun. Whatever you want to achieve he can help you get there. Marc is also very professional, always reliable and punctual and his digital booking and reminder system is a great tool to ensure you never forget a session!

Kirsty J.
testimonial sheena collins personal training in london

Marc is your guy if you want a performance coach who is motivating, on-trend, and backed by a lot of education and practical experience. I tested my DNA with Marc and it answered a lot of questions and confirmed how I should be training for my body type to reach the maximum benefits. I’m glad I did it! As a bonus, he is actually a great guy and listens to you, whereas some trainers just go through the motions. Thanks, Marc!

Sheena C.

It’s not everyday that you meet a person who both inspires you to be your best physical self but your best emotional self as well. Marc Dressen is this person. Grounded with such integrity, years of knowledge and heart, his training sessions become more than just tactics and tools – they become actual teachings! And those teachings are filed with joy and they are also filled with results! This is the magic of Marc. Hands down Marc is the trainer in this age of body and mind integration and transformation. Thank you Marc!

Claude S.

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