Personal Trainer Uses Genetic Profiling To Get His Clients In Shape

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Personal Trainer Uses Genetic Profiling To Get His Clients In Shape

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Have you reached a plateau in your fitness and body shape goals?  Are you wondering why the running machine, cross trainer or the weights just aren’t doing it for you?

If you have reached the stop sign when it comes to fitness and have realised that everything you are doing in the gym is actually getting you nowhere, then it could be down to your genes.

Genes are responsible for everything when it comes to our bodies, our genes tell us if we will be short or tall, the colour of our eyes and hair and so much more.

But now, you can have a report that tells you exactly if you are genetically built for endurance training like running or if you are genetically designed for power workouts that include weights.

“By knowing if you are genetically built for power or endurance you can focus your training in a way that supports your body and gets you the results you want much faster” Says Marc Dressen MSc. Sports Science and Personal Trainer in London.

It is all thanks to DNAFit, a company of Scientists that have come together to generate DNA profiling reports to help people reach their fitness goals. Each report details a person’s power versus endurance ratio, as well as their sensitivity ratio to carbohydrates, sugars, caffeine and more. DNAFit have Certified Marc Dressen MSc. to lead people through the journey from the initial swab test right through to the analysis and evaluation of the report.

“I am thrilled to be a DNAFit Personal Trainer and can see the tremendous impact it has had on my clients.” Says Marc

To find out more about DNAFit contact Marc on 020 323 979 88.

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This post was written by Marc Dressen:
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