5 Anti-Aging Nootropics That Scientists Believe Will Make Humans Live Longer (2022)

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As modern society evolves, people are constantly searching for effective ways to extend life and improve their quality of life. If there is a substance that naturally improves brain function and our ability to be productive, of course it’s worth considering, especially as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Nootropics is a category of substances that are believed to improve cognitive function. Although they can come as supplements, prescription drugs, and compounds, we will be focusing on natural supplements. Since this area is still experimental, results will vary from person to person. Many people have heard of ginseng and gingko being used for better memory. Here, we will be looking at some that are not as well known. 

1. NR (nicotinamide ribosome) and NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide)

You have probably heard about B vitamins, but you may not know all the different types. Nicotinamide riboside (NR) is part of the B3 family. It is converted within the body to NAD+, a form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is important to metabolism. Many people have used NR supplements for anti-aging, blood pressure, and Alzheimer’s disease. They are thought to be helpful in improving enzyme functions that protect cells and DNA.

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a naturally occurring substance in the body that is a precursor to NAD+. Since NAD+ has been linked to increased energy and health, it is thought that supplementing with NMN will boost NAD+ levels and have an anti-aging effect.


2. Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a type of compound called polyphenol that seems to have antioxidant properties. It can be found in berries, peanuts, red wine, and the skin of red grapes. Since people began studying the health properties of red wine, resveratrol has received more attention for its potential antiviral and anti-cancer effects. 

Although evidence is limited, some people believe that it can protect nerve cells from the plaque buildup that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. It also may slow down the cognitive decline that comes with normal aging. 

“Aging, quite simply, is a loss of information.” – David Sinclair Ph.D., A.O.

Resveratrol is thought to help prevent insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes. Anti-inflammatory effects can support heart health and possibly limit the spread of cancer cells. Some people have found it helpful in reducing joint pain due to cartilage breakdown. The antioxidant effects also seem to be helpful in lowering blood pressure and LDL cholesterol. 

Small doses of Resveratrol don’t seem to have harmful side effects. However, larger doses of 2.5g or more can result in nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and possible liver dysfunction. 

3. L-Theanine

Amino acids, which form proteins, are known as the building blocks of life, and L-theanine is one of them. It can be found in green and black tea, as well as some types of mushrooms. Some people believe that it has calming properties that are helpful for anxiety and stress. When combined with caffeine, some people have found it to improve mental focus.

Drinking a daily cup of tea could be more than a comforting ritual. It may also give you the mental calm you need and some extra antioxidants to strengthen your immune system. 

Due to its anti-anxiety properties, L-theanine is also thought to be helpful in treating high blood pressure. Mental stress can increase blood pressure, and L-theanine may be effective in relieving that anxiety and thereby reducing blood pressure to healthy levels.

Although there are no known side effects of L-theanine, extensive research hasn’t been done. Therefore, it’s important to carefully monitor any physical symptoms while taking it, especially in a supplement form. 

4. Betaine TMG

Betaine, which is also known as trimethylglycine (TMG), is made in the body and assists with liver function and cellular reproduction. It is also involved in metabolizing an amino acid called homocysteine. Betaine is naturally found in foods like beets, broccoli, spinach, grains, and shellfish. 

Because elevated levels of homocysteine are connected with strokes and heart disease, it is thought that supplementing with Betaine/TMG can help lower those levels and improve heart health.

However, one of the possible side effects of Betaine supplements is an increase in cholesterol, which can negate any heart treatments. Due to this complication, it’s essential to consult with a physician to confirm if it’s safe to take. 

Betaine is also thought to be helpful in preventing liver disease and lung cancer. It may protect the liver against the fatty deposits that can result from alcohol abuse, diabetes, and obesity. Some people think that it can also protect the lungs against the negative effects of smoking.

5. Quercetin

Quercetin, a flavonoid thought to have anti-inflammatory properties, is found in onions, apples, and berries, as well as in green tea and red wine. It can also be found in many other herbs and honey, and higher concentrations have been found in organic vegetables. 

It is believed to act as an antioxidant that can help kill cancer cells, improve blood sugar levels, and prevent heart disease. Quercetin has a bitter flavor and is usually used as an ingredient in beverages, foods, and supplements. 

Since Quercetin can negatively interact with other medications, it’s critical to check with your doctor before beginning a regimen. It is also suspected to have possible hormonal side effects, but more research needs to be done. 


When it comes to aging, most people want to minimize it as much as possible by improving their quality of life. After laying the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and developing habits that optimize your functioning, supplements like nootropics may add an extra level of productivity.

We have looked at 5 anti-aging nootropics that can positively affect your mental and physical health. From B vitamins to amino acids to antioxidants, there are certain substances that play vital roles in maintaining your body’s function. While popping a pill for a healthier body and mind is very appealing, it’s important to consult with a doctor beforehand to make sure you get the maximum benefit. 

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